Navigating a Successful Exit and the Experience of Getting Acquired with Zach Peyton, (USMA ‘04) 

Aug 12, 2022 | USMA

“My goal is to see this become a billion-dollar brand in the home services and construction industry. I want to get there by helping people build a sustainable source of wealth for themselves and their families. I want to get there by helping people build really solid businesses where they can define their participation…I don’t want to get there any other way.” – Zach Peyton (USMA ‘04)

After graduating from West Point in 2004 and serving as an Army intelligence officer, Zach Peyton found an exciting future in the home services industry in North Florida where he is now the Co-Founder and President of Superior Fence & Rail, the nation’s only fencing franchise.

Superior Fence & Rail locations are expanding rapidly across the United States thanks to Zach’s leadership and the company’s recent acquisition by Lynx Franchising. In this episode, Zach discusses what the exit experience was like from start to finish in addition to the big goals he has for Superior Fence & Rail’s continued growth within a brand portfolio.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Lessons learned from the experience of being acquired as an emerging brand
  • Insights into company valuation and how the process works
  • Why finding the right investment bank is important to navigating a successful exit
  • How the experience of being acquired helped Zach improve the value of Superior Fence & Rail and create a robust plan for the future
  • The portfolio of brands Superior Fence & Rail is part of and why it’s provided a supportive peer network

Zach also shares how Superior Fence & Rail’s recent acquisition is accelerating the company’s ability to scale and why getting acquired can be a positive experience for a small business owner. We enjoyed listening to Zach tell us about his billion-dollar goals for the future and learning how prioritizing people has enabled Zach to ensure Superior Fence & Rail continues to grow and expand at a sustainable pace. We’re grateful for Zach’s positive perspectives on the experience of getting acquired and hope this episode benefits anyone interested in entrepreneurship through franchising and acquisition.

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Special thanks to Zach for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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