Creating a Foundation for Self-Leadership through Wellness and Wellbeing with Traci Fisher, USMA ‘91

Apr 26, 2024 | 10X Vets, USMA

“…if we can learn to lead ourselves, to manage our minds and our emotions and our actions in our private life, in our health, in our relationships and in the corporate world, then we are better positioned to use those critical thinking skills to make a difference in our businesses and in the greater world…” -Traci Fisher, USMA ‘91

Traci Fisher, a West Point graduate from the class of ’91, embarked on a transformative journey after her career as a helicopter pilot in the Army. Delving into the realm of fitness and health, she developed an innovative approach known as Wellbeingness®. This methodology integrates cognitive and physical sciences to optimize executive performance, enabling leaders to attain and sustain peak wellness. Through the application of self-leadership principles, Traci empowers individuals and teams to unlock their personal and professional potential amid complex and uncertain environments. Traci boasts certifications as a Health and Wellness Coach, ICF Professional Certified Coach, Gallup Strengths Coach, and Red Team Critical Thinker. She is also the host of The Healthy Leader Podcast and holds the position of managing director at two health and wellness companies. Passionate about holistic wellness, Traci, a proud mother of three adult children, resides in Cleveland with her family and their two beloved Beabulls, Emmie & Oscar.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Traci’s journey to becoming a Wellness Coach and her ideal client 
  • The Wellness Coach process and the Wellbeingness® Model
  • Her top strengths and how she leverages them as a Wellness Coach
  • Challenges Traci currently faces and goals for 2024
  • Creating a vision statement that brings the future into the present

When Traci first began her health and fitness journey, she knew what to do to help her clients’ physical wellbeing but did not know how to make the changes last.  Realizing she was missing the key components of emotional and mental health, Traci created the Wellbeingness® Model  to marry wellness and wellbeing and give her clients a foundation to self-lead in often overscheduled and unpredictable environments.   As a wellness coach, she relies on her top strength of Learner to consume large amounts of wellness data and to listen to the needs of her clients to provide the best tools for them.  Sharing her vast health and wellness expertise gained over the past 25 years in the industry, Traci reminds us that caring for our mental and emotional wellbeing as well as our physical selves is essential to attaining peak performance in our professional and personal lives and offers her best wellness tips.

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Special thanks to Traci for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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