Business Mastermind Member Spotlight – Tony Briggs, USMA ’89

Sep 27, 2019 | USMA

Our Business Mastermind is off to a flying start since launching the program in May and we will bring a 3rd group of 12 members online in October.  If you’re thinking about starting a business or if you’ve already started a business and want to make some serious progress… then the mastermind group is where you want to be.

Here is the recap from this month’s meeting:

Meeting Topic: Where Are Your Target Clients Hanging Out?

Our topic this month was “Fishing Holes: Where Are Your Target Clients Hanging Out?”  Trevor Shirk (USMA ’08) joined us on the call.  Trevor is the founder of Strattex Solutions, a digital marketing company based in Denver, CO.  Strattex Solutions provides SEO and cutting edge digital marketing strategies to growth-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether it’s Facebook advertising, Pay-per-click, Conversion Rate Optimization, or Search Engine Optimization, Trevor’s team looks for ways to help business owners grow exponentially. Their specialty is helping businesses with physical locations rank #1 in Google maps. Trevor is also an integral part of  SABM’s marketing efforts.

Trevor shared:

  • Lead generation strategies for B2B and B2C companies
  • The importance of targeted methodology when planning your marketing strategy
  • All businesses have a different “fishing hole” online – the key is to figure out where your customers are and advertise in those key places

He also answered lots of great questions from our members who are trying to figure out the best marketing strategy for their businesses.

Solutions & Hacks

To further multiply the value of each call, each of our members are challenged with sharing a problem or solution with the group.

Here are some of the solutions our members shared on this month’s call:
  • Self-directed 401(k)s are a great retirement plan solution if you are the owner/employee of your own small business.  They allow large deductions and contributions towards retirement and allow you to self-direct your investments into real estate and alternative investments.
  • Using Rocket Reach and Zapier to export the contact info of your LinkedIn contacts into your CRM
  • The Global Good Fund’s 2020 Veteran Entrepreneurship Fellowship – Winners will receive leadership development, executive mentorship and $10,000 to “amplify their mission and expand their ripple effect.”

These are some solutions our members have discovered recently to accelerate their progress.  The value created during these calls is amazing and we had lots of fun learning and sharing.

Member Spotlight

Our Business Mastermind member in the spotlight for the month of September is Tony Briggs!

Tony graduated from West Point in ’89.  During his time in the Army Tony was a Light Infantry Officer and served as a Battalion Air Operations Officer, Battalion Support Platoon Leader, and Infantry Platoon Leader.  While at West Point, Tony participated in the Foreign Military Academy Exchange Program and Cadet Troop Leader Training in Germany and completed Airborne School.

In 2019 Tony started Star Tel Enterprises, Inc a consulting business for Information Technology, specializing in advisory to the C-level ranks of companies and in fractional CIO services.  Before starting his own consulting firm, Tony worked as a programmer, leader, consultant, and executive within various industries.  His greatest accomplishment in the private sector was in the role of Enterprise CIO of a healthcare services company.  He led the integration of eight companies in the technology space for infrastructure, communications, architecture, and applications and helped prepare the company for a successful sale in 2018.  On the side, Tony also started Briggs Real Estate Development Group, a real estate development LLC for building long term and generational wealth.

Congratulations to Tony for earning this month’s member in the spotlight!

Want to Join Us?

Our first two mastermind groups are fully reserved, but we are bringing a 3rd group online in October.  Group sizes are limited to 12 people to optimize the experience for everyone at the meeting.

If you would like to join the group, please visit our Mastermind Page to learn more.

What would a single game-changing strategy, connection or piece of advice be worth for you and your business?  And how fast would a group like this be able to speed up your progress?  These are the high performers you want to hang out with!

Let’s do this!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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