Starting a Cloud-Based Law Firm with Tim Parlatore, USNA ’02

Apr 13, 2020 | USNA

Tim Parlatore (USNA ’02) is the Founder of Parlatore Law Group, a cloud-based law firm that eliminates all the unnecessary overhead expenses associated with traditional law firms while providing the highest quality legal services.  By trimming all the excess expenses and passing those savings on to clients, Parlatore Law Group’s attorneys can devote their full efforts to solving problems and working together as a cohesive team without the necessity of working in a physical office.

In this episode, Tim and I discuss:

  • The #1 reason why his teammates and clients love the cloud-based business model
  • His firm’s current job openings
  • The most important skills he learned at the Naval Academy that have helped him as an entrepreneur

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Special thanks to Tim for joining me this week.  Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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