Finding Creative Ways to Fund Your Deal with Taylor Wing, USMA ‘18

Jun 3, 2022 | Real Estate Accelerator, USMA

“There’s a Kiyosaki quote that I like a lot. He says, I never say that I can’t afford it. He says, I’m going to figure out how I can afford it. And that inspired how I financed a lot of these deals, because I don’t have that much to work with.”

– Taylor Wing (USMA ‘18)

Taylor Wing (USMA ‘18) is one of the youngest members to ever go through the Real Estate Investing Accelerator. In less than one year, Taylor went from owning zero properties with no access to capital and little knowledge about real estate to investing in six real estate deals using a variety of creative funding methods and acquisition strategies. If that’s not impressive enough, Taylor is also a full-time Operations Officer in the U.S. Army.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What compelled Taylor to get involved in real estate at such a young age
  • How Taylor used a VA loan to fund his first real estate deal 
  • What the BURRR method is and how Taylor will get 80% ROI on his first BURRR deal
  • Why owning real estate is a triple-hedge threat against increasing inflation rates

We also discuss how to overcome any doubts you have about being an entrepreneur, why you can invest in real estate while keeping your day job, and why driving for dollars is sometimes the best way to find your next real estate deal. I also provide some insights into today’s markets and Taylor shares upcoming deals on the horizon and why you don’t need a lot of money to start investing in real estate. If you’re young and interested in real estate investing, we hope Taylor’s story inspires you to take the plunge and invest in your first property sooner rather than later!

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