Turning a Career Starter Loan into a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

Nov 8, 2022 | Real Estate Accelerator, USMA

Hey team!

Make sure to register for our Zoom call about the Real Estate Investing Accelerator starting in January is SATURDAY at 10am ET. If you are interested in real estate investing and wondering how the course has helped others achieve their dream, tomorrow’s webinar is for you!

Please register here.

Here’s what we’ll cover on the call:

  • Course overview and expectations.  We will discuss the blocking and tackling of the course AND we invited former rock star students to share their experiences (see below to find out more about our special guest speakers!!) This will be a great opportunity to learn, network, and get your questions answered.
  • Creative financing strategies for today’s market. Learn how rising interest rates are creating a TON of opportunities for buyers who know how to make the most of creative financing.

Accelerator classes are limited to 35 people and PRIORITY for the remaining spots will go to folks who ATTEND tomorrow’s webinar and participate. We’d love to see you there! Click here to register.

In the meantime, we’re SO excited to introduce you to Taylor and Helen Wing, our SPECIAL GUESTS at Saturday’s Last Chance Webinar!

We’re pretty hard to impress normally, but have to be honest here…what Taylor and Helen are doing might be the most impressive thing we’ve EVER seen in our career! We’ve shared a ton of awesome success stories from the Accelerator, but this one is our favorite. There, we said it! And we’re not taking it back!

Taylor Wing and his wife Helen started in White Feather’s Real Estate Investing Accelerator with ZERO experience in real estate investing and only as much money as a young Army officer can save in less than two years of active duty…which we all know isn’t very much!

Here’s what they accomplished:

Taylor and Helen Wing not only blew our minds during the six-month course (earning the prestigious Rookie of the Year honor), but together they have created a dizzying amount of success for themselves seemingly out of thin air. Here’s a small snapshot of what they’ve done so far:

  • 12 BRRR deals Taylor bought using creative financing techniques. He and Helen renovated the houses together and refinanced ALL of the money back out!
  • 3 property acquisitions where Taylor used creative financing to eliminate the need to bring his own money as a downpayment or get a bank loan.
  • 3 House Hacks where Taylor and Helen bought a multi-unit house, lived in one unit and rented out the others, effectively living in their home for free.
  • An 8-unit apartment complex where Taylor convinced the Seller to fund the downpayment using creative financing and got a bank to loan for the rest.

In less than two years, Taylor and Helen have built a $4 million portfolio that will generate enough cash flow to make them financially free while Taylor is still an Active Duty Army Officer!

Want to know the craziest part?

They did all of this with ZERO prior real estate experience and just a $36,000 Career Starter Loan from West Point!

Let that sink in for a minute.

Then register to attend the Last Chance Webinar on Saturday for your chance to meet them and learn more about how they achieved so much in so little time.

Hear all about the specific creative financing strategies they used and get all your Accelerator questions answered at the Last Chance Webinar on Saturday, November, 12th at 10am ET.

YOU can be the next real estate success story!

Register here!

See you there,

Scott Mackes
Founder, SABM Group

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