“It creates a stickiness and a partnership between our clients and their customers. That’s really what complete offers are there to do: make it easy to sell, make it easy to adopt, and create stickiness with the two businesses that ends up being a longstanding partnership for both companies… that’s the value of a complete offer. It creates the stickiness that you actually need.”  –Shaun McAndrew, USNA ‘93

Shaun McAndrew is the Vice President of Business Development at The Service Design Group, a consultancy specializing in a service design approach to help product groups and service teams build complete offers and harden service packages. She also leads the Women’s Circle at 10X Vets. Before working in business development, Shaun graduated from the United States Naval Academy and had a successful military career that spanned 27 years. She served in numerous leadership capacities during her Navy tenure, including commanding a helicopter squadron, HSM-41, and serving as Commanding Officer of a Navy ROTC unit where she developed leadership skills in thousands of future officers.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Shaun’s journey from a Navy helicopter pilot to Vice President of Business Development after a 27-year military career
  • Tips on how to apply the skills gained in the military and how to market yourself when applying for jobs
  • The unique B2B services Shaun and her team at The Service Design Group provide
  • How The Service Design Group helps its clients build a complete offer to show their customers how they can achieve their desired outcome
  • The Service Design Group’s goals for 2023

Shaun explains in detail how she equates the skills, lingo, and structure of the Navy to the business world. She also shares how The Service Design Group takes a holistic approach to analyzing the B2B business model. We learned a lot from Shaun about how to approach transitioning out of the military AND the impact a complete offer can have on a business. Thank you, Shaun!

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Special thanks to Shaun for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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