“Look at the example of continuous performance feedback. We take it for granted that part of being a leader is providing regular, consistent feedback, both critical and complimentary. If you’re in the platform, and it says, hey, it’s time for you to provide feedback, you start developing that habit early and often.”
– Scott Taylor (USMA ‘01)

Scott Taylor (USMA ‘01) is the Founder of Startwise, a SaaS platform that is transforming the way employers lead and employees grow within companies while addressing the fact that businesses nationwide face a trillion-dollar annual loss due to employee churn. The mission of Startwise is to reimagine the employee experience and the future of work by building software products using learning sciences and distributed leadership to accelerate human skills development. The company’s JobOS platform helps leaders build, develop and retain top-performing teams. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What it takes to build a SaaS platform and how Startwise works
  • How Startwise uses customer feedback to enhance the platform
  • Why learning sciences and leadership are key to employee retention
  • How Startwise measures employee performance metrics through self-reporting
  • Why regular feedback and communication are essential to thriving professional relationships

Scott also shares how Startwise is already helping companies reduce the time it takes to onboard new employees after just six months of operation and why companies that have teams of five people and over are a perfect fit for the platform. We also discuss why Startwise is a particularly valuable tool for growing successful sales teams and enjoyed hearing why the values Scott learned at West Point form the foundational values of his company. We wish Scott continued success as he helps companies transform the way they work for the better.

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Special thanks to Scott for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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