Delivering Results in Shipping and Ecommerce Fulfillment with Ryan Martin, USMA ‘11

Feb 10, 2022 | 10X Vets, USMA

Ryan Martin (USMA ‘11) is a West Point graduate and Co-Owner of Fulfillment CO, a personable and startup-friendly fulfillment center in Colorado Springs, CO. Concurrent to Ryan’s military career as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, which includes two combat deployments to Afghanistan, Ryan handles all new client outreach, software integrations, and onboarding. Ryan also serves as Fulfillment CO’s “Special Project Officer” by offering coaching and analysis to help dozens of eCommerce entrepreneurs make informed decisions about their shipping, packaging, cushioning, unboxing experiences, logistics, and more. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why eCommerce companies are Ryan’s ideal client
  • How forced delegation can help accelerate business growth
  • Current trends in the shipping and fulfillment industry
  • What Ryan hopes to achieve in 2022 with his veteran business partner

We loved hearing how Ryan’s desire to start a business began with Dunkin Donuts and enjoyed listening to how he helps clients ship everything from hula hoops and CBD products to subscription boxes and jewelry. Ryan also shares how he balances active-duty military service with business ownership, why being small-business friendly is his number one priority, and why he’s now an expert on eco-friendly packaging materials. Fulfillment CO’s personal touch and direct-owner involvement is one of the many ways they’re delivering big results. We’re thankful to have Ryan in our network and can’t wait to see how his company continues to grow.

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Special thanks to Ryan for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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