Creating a Leadership Training Company with Major General Robert Mixon, USMA ‘74

Nov 22, 2018 | USMA

Robert Mixon (USMA ’74) is a retired U.S. Army Major General, former President of a manufacturing company, EVP of a diverse, innovative not for profit company, and Leadership Consultant. As the Founder of Level Five Associates, he’s worked with hundreds of senior executives and high-level managers since beginning Level Five Associates.  Robert inspires audiences, motivates teams, builds better leaders, and creates cultures of excellence.

In this episode, Robert and I discuss:

  • How he leverages his military experience to serve his clients and the most common problems he helps them solve
  • What the military to civilian transition is like for a flag officer and how he connected with his first opportunity
  • What it was like starting a business from scratch and the key lessons he learned along the way

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Special thanks to Robert for joining me this week.  Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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