Reshaping the Agave Spirits Industry through Supply Chain Technology with Rob Weir, USMA ‘11

Jun 20, 2023 | USMA

“The Maguey Exchange is an exchange—an exchange of ideas, an exchange of communication, an exchange of product. Being at the center point of this relationship between producers and buyers, we are able to provide data insights that enable both sides to optimize and simply make better decisions.” –Rob Weir, USMA ‘11

Rob Weir is the Founder and CEO of Maguey Exchange, a supply chain technology platform reshaping the face of production and consumption in the agave spirit industry. Maguey Exchange empowers producers with cutting-edge technology, connects buyers to the tradition and culture of agave spirits, and actively contributes to the environmental production of the agave regions of Mexico. The platform reduces supply chain complexity and integrates with the systems producers already have in place. Rob was inspired to start the Maguey Exchange after a backpacking trip in Mexico. Leaning on his previous experience as an Infantry Officer deployed to Afghanistan and as a management consultant, the Maguey Exchange was born and continues to grow.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Rob’s military and professional background and how that led him to create The Maguey Exchange
  • The steps Rob has taken to learn about the agave spirits industry and address the problems that exist in the supply chain
  • What Rob has learned from the pilot version of the platform they tested with producers in Mexico
  • How Rob builds relationships in the industry on the buyer side of the platform
  • The challenges Rob is currently facing and his goals for The Maguey Exchange

Rob explains his approach to connecting with the producers in Mexico and educating them about how they can benefit from the technology that The Maguey Exchange offers. He also shares his big vision for the platform: to allow every spirits producer, no matter how remote, to have a place in the global marketplace through the digital economy. We learned a lot from Rob about the agave spirits industry and how his platform is making a big impact for both producers and buyers. Thank you, Rob!

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Special thanks to Rob for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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