Real Estate Accelerator Member Spotlight – Richard Flake, USAFA ’92

Feb 20, 2020 | Real Estate Accelerator, USAFA

Month Two: Creative Acquisition Strategies That Will Blow Your Mind!

During Month Two of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator, we educate our Accelerator Attendees in some of the most innovative and successful strategies we have ever used to take down deals. We go over how to turn horrible, disgusting, and all-around foul deals into beautiful, loving, and huggable deals – even some that have shown Year 1 returns of 20-30% and more!

We provide examples and templates of cash flow calculations as well as offer material within the course modules for our Attendees to use in their real-life negotiations.  Live mentoring from lead instructor Buddy Rushing during our bi-weekly meetings and support from teammates helps our Attendees invest boldly. Our Attendees approach each potential deal with the confidence of an investor who has an entire coalition with massive experience, capital for investing, high integrity, and a shared vision for building wealth at their back!

Find out which Real Estate strategy works best for you!

Since starting the 20-1 iteration of the REI Accelerator in January, we have already locked in 10 of the 30 available seats for the 20-2 course beginning in June of THIS YEAR.

To be clear, just applying does not guarantee a spot in the course. White Feather Investments is determined to only allow the most motivated and action-biased people in the course, so everyone has to go through a screening process to receive an invitation. If you would like to apply for our next course, please complete this application.

Accelerator Member in the Spotlight 

REI Accelerator Attendee, Rich Flake

Our Accelerator Attendee in the Spotlight for the month of February is Richard Flake!

Rich Flake was born in San Antonio, graduating from the USAFA in ‘92. Rich began his active duty career serving as an engineer in what is now the AF Weapons Lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, he was able to charm a lovely young lady named Dai (and somehow convince her to marry him!) before moving onto pilot training. Over the next 15+ years, Rich flew a variety of different aircraft platforms…at Mach 2…with his hair on fire…before retiring in 2012. Today, Rich, Dai, and their 3 daughters live in Grand Prairie where he works as the Assistant General Manager for a manufacturing plant in Dallas.

As a current (20-1) Real Estate Investing Accelerator Attendee, Rich has kicked the crap out of the first and second month’s individual assignments, stepping up as a leader within his Texas-based team, “Lonestar” (you know, because Texas is the Lone Star…never mind).

One of the defining characteristics of Rich is his bias for action. In fact, Rich is ALREADY in the process of taking down an awesome WFI deal out of St. Louis that is providing him with Yr1 cash on cash returns of 14%!! Don’t get too excited, those returns are very hard to come by, he just happened to see one that had a super sweet RTP ratio and he jumped on it before we could say no. Congratulations Rich, we can’t wait to see where you go from here!

Following the completion of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator, qualified graduates are afforded the opportunity to apply and gain access to the WFI Mastermind.

Focused on education, setting and executing goals, and holding ourselves and each other accountable for our stated goals, this group is one of WFI’s most promising outlets for driving our WFI members toward lives of Financial Freedom.

Whether a Mastermind Member is building out a physical fitness studio nation-wide, a turnkey operation in Tennessee, or a coaching business – our Members always step up with recommendations on how to improve upon their business process/procedure in order to achieve their Financial Freedom goals!

If you would like to learn more about joining the next Accelerator class, please complete this form and we will respond quickly.

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