Transforming the Lives of Military Families through Wealth-Building Housing Solutions with Rich Halverson, USNA ‘05

Sep 23, 2022 | USNA

“We are committed to our purpose, our mission to help our members live well and serve better so we like to think ahead as to what it means to craft a new model for housing and building wealth. We want to have a true impact on the main problems we’re attacking…not only on our members’ ability to build wealth, but also the connections our members are having to the local communities in which they live.”

– Rich Halverson (USNA ‘05)

Rich Halverson (USNA’ 05) is the Co-Founder of Joint Homes, a tech-enabled residential housing platform serving the military community by offering serving families exclusive access to beautiful homes as they move through their careers including integrated services that make it easy for them to be at home and the financial benefits of ownership so they can turn their rent into wealth. Rich created Joint Homes with Army veteran, Mel Levey (USMA ‘07) in order to solve the challenges they experienced at home while serving in the military. After multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and 16 military moves between them, their combined 25 years of service is the driving force behind their company’s mission.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The unseen financial impacts of military service
  • How Joint Homes provides military families with the personal and financial benefits of home ownership through rental properties
  • Where Joint Homes sources housing for military families
  • The most important lesson Rich learned from serving in the U.S. Navy 
  • The challenges and rewards of growing a startup

Rich also shares how Joint Homes is working to better connect military families with the communities in which they live and how he and his team are working to build partnerships and close their pre-seed round of fundraising. We also discuss the biggest learning curves when starting a business and how lessons learned from military service are helping Rich build a sustainable and profitable company. Rich also shares insights into what it’s like working alongside an Army veteran! We’re so glad to know and can’t wait to see how his company continues to transform the lives of our nation’s military families for the better.

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Special thanks to Rich for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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