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By Academy Grads for Academy Grads and Family Members

Chart Your Course to Financial Freedom

Led by Buddy Rushing (USNA ‘04) and his team at White Feather Investments, the Real Estate Investing Accelerator is a high-powered course that distills ten years of real estate experience, network-building, and full-service support into six months.

What you get:


(40+) Recorded Training and Education modules on everything from personal finance, cashflow analysis, market research, to tax strategy. Students will watch the videos and complete their individual/team assignments to prepare for the live mentoring sessions held twice per month.


(2) 2-Hour Calls per month with your Accelerator class. Calls are held on Zoom and will occur at 10am (EST) on Saturday.


Individualized Financial Freedom Consultation (1hr) with lead instructor/WFI CEO, Buddy Rushing that will result in the creation of a personalized Financial Freedom Blueprint.


Guest speakers that will give strategic insight into the most powerful tax and legal strategies available for investors, the future of the mortgage market and how to attain the best financing on deals.

FREE access to instructors throughout the week in order to address questions/concerns

FOR QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS:  FREE access to highly selective cashflow deals through White Feather Investments.


“Scott convinced me to carve out time from my ridiculously crammed schedule to teach this Accelerator because he saw how much value it could provide our fellow Academy grads. The only reason I’m doing this is to help you change the course of your legacy, and I can only do that by providing OVERWHELMING value that you can put into immediate action.

If you put in the work, get to the end of this course, and don’t feel that’s the case, we will happily refund every dime you’ve put in.”


Buddy Rushing, USNA ‘04
Founder of White Feather Investments
“A huge thanks to the Team at White Feather Investments, we just completed our first multi-family rental closing and everything went really well. White Feather made this first big leap into investing feel more like a simple step. I’m excited to begin my real estate journey with White Feather and honored to have their support along the way!”
Tim O’Donnell, 19-1 Graduate/USNA ’03

“The Accelerator course is a great series of lectures for military couples to secure their financial futures and provide long-lasting value to their family. Buddy and Greg really help you accomplish your goals and keep you on track. Highly recommended for the new real estate entrepreneur.”
Jason Fung, 18-2 Graduate/USAFA ‘10

What You’ll Learn

Month One: Creating a Financial Freedom Blueprint
There are three levels of financial intelligence in this world, and where you rank on those levels determines the type of life you will have, the type of experiences you will enjoy, the amount of freedom you will create, and ultimately the type of legacy you will leave to your family.

This Module is about peeling back the layers of excuses, uncovering the blind-spots that trap our potential, and then creating a Financial Freedom Blueprint that plots the course to the life of your dreams. This important first step reveals what will motivate you through this course—and any situation—when things get tough.

Month Two: Creative Acquisition Strategies
Everyone says success in real estate is about Location, Location, Location…and they could not be more wrong! Making money in Real Estate involves dozens of different factors, each of them with a varying degree of importance depending on the market. However, there is one factor that towers above them all, and in many ways, it is the only one that truly matters: The Deal.

In this Module you will learn the most powerful Acquisition Strategies that exist, each one of them illustrated by a deal WFI investors have actually done. Armed with these strategies you will be able to find deals in literally any market and even learn how to pay ABOVE MARKET and still come out a winner!

Month Three: Macro & Micro Market Analysis
Macro analysis identifies external factors that affect a given city in the long run (city planning, industry segmentation, market forecasts, population demographics and trends, macro-finance considerations and about a dozen more metrics).

Micro analysis brings it closer to home, picking out specific neighborhoods that offer the best potential for stability and growth, while eliminating the war zones and areas where cashflow will suffer.

Metrics include Rent-to-Price (RTP) ratio, zoning, vacancy rates, taxes, crime stats, schools, path of progress, available deals, property management, and about a dozen more.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with this, but it’s really about having the right tools and developing a deep understanding of why these factors are important. And that’s exactly what you’ll get!

Month Four: Analyzing & Optimizing ROI
Most people have no idea what ROI really is or how it is calculated. Do you take into account vacancy or not? What is a good maintenance expectation? What about CAPEX? The truth is that there are as many ways to calculate ROI as there are investors in the marketplace, but the secret is to use the method that fits best for your Financial Freedom goals, which will drive you directly toward the best possible investments for you!

In this module you will learn EXACTLY how to quickly calculate the return on any new investment so you can feel confident you are making the right decision when you make an offer.

Month Five: Cutting Edge Tax & Legal Strategies

This module is always one of the most popular, and it’s because it almost immediately saves every single Accelerator participant tons of money. And it’s taught by Mark Kohler—one of the top Tax and Legal educators in the country, and his depth of knowledge is breathtaking! 

Month Six: Advanced Strategies of the Wealthy
The first part of this module is about learning advanced secrets on how to control and influence the world around you. The secret is that in every situation you are either selling or being sold to (thank you, Grant Cardone!). The real question is—which one are you doing? Once you learn what factors drive all decision-making, you can shape every encounter to achieve your goals.

The second part of the module is about strategically planning for the rest of your life and beyond. After all, it does no good to learn the tools, work hard, and obtain financial freedom if you can’t keep it for long! Learn INCREDIBLY powerful strategies that will not only protect your legacy, but allow you to live much more freely and enjoy the fruits of your labor while you are still young.

How It Works

Schedule a call with the team at White Feather Investments.

We’ll answer your questions, ask a few of our own, and determine if you are a good fit for the course. 

Complete the application.

Every Real Estate Accelerator we’ve ever done receives about 150 applicants—and we only accept 40.


Join the Accelerator and start your financial freedom journey.

Work alongside fellow academy grads and achieve your real estate goals. 



“I hated real estate and I feared the details until working with WFI. WFI and their network of associated experts made the process straightforward and common sense. It was a great education and a great start to developing a real estate investment portfolio.”

-Alec Carrier, USMA ’14

“Six months ago, Buddy challenged us with our WHY. WHY are we doing the Accelerator? WHY are we doing the things we do? Every single lesson over six months he challenged us to be our best. Follow our dreams. Build our future… My family is excited about our future again. WFI sparked new dreams. I personally am excited about the new opportunities that I didn’t know existed 6 months ago.”

-Robert Haines, 18-2 Graduate/USAFA ‘90

“WFI team, thank you so much for helping us find the perfect property for our real estate portfolio in Little Rock. You were always there for us when we had questions which was very comforting as out-of-area investors. I highly recommend WFI for any veterans looking to achieve their dreams and chart their path to financial freedom.”
Shawn Ikpa, 18-2 Graduate/USNA ’05

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Buddy Rushing, Lead Instructor

Buddy Rushing, White Feather Investments

Buddy Rushing is a former Marine Officer and a 2004 graduate of the United States Naval Academy where he earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering (if you can believe it). During his 16 years in the Marine Corps, he traveled around the world, leading Marines in training operations in Okinawa, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Guam and Bridgeport, as well as four deployments to Southeast Asia and Afghanistan.

His passion for Real Estate investing began by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad while leaning against a Humvee in Southeastern Afghanistan. That quickly spiraled into an impulsive decision to buy an overpriced, beat-up, piece of crap house in 29 Palms in June of 2007 then invest every penny he had in a FULL remodel that he did almost entirely with his own sweat and tears…only to find out two years later that his fully remodeled house was worth half what he paid for it two years earlier.

Out of that mistake came a ten year stretch of endless education, late hours, tons of offers, dozens of different types of deals, and finally the idea that sparked what White Feather Investments has become today. He brought his access to Turnkey investments together with his passion for Education and his savage loyalty to his brothers and sisters in uniform, and the result has been the explosive growth of a community unlike any others…where his vision of creating an entire generation of financially free military members is finally coming to life!

White Feather Investments is dedicated to educating and empowering military members to achieve financial freedom through Real Estate investing. In less than two years, he has grown their membership to over 450 active duty and former military members.

Will you be joining them?

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