Tackling Macro & Micro Market Analysis


Month Three of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator is where we CRUSH Market Analysis with our 21-2 (June – November) Accelerator Members. First, we zoom out and conduct a macro-market analysis to determine why a specific city or region has all the right macro markers to provide long term stability and growth. Next, we instruct you how to zoom in and conduct a micro-market analysis that breaks apart specific zip codes based on more than a dozen factors to determine optimal neighborhoods that will yield the best deals. We also touch upon the markets we invest in, including how and why our systems, procedures, and team prove successful in those areas (to the tune of 240+ deals!!).


Accelerator Member Spotlight:

Sean Blackman


“The Real Estate Investing Accelerator has given me the opportunity to carve out that mental bandwidth to really focus on what I want out of life and my real estate portfolio. The biggest thing you can do that will benefit yourself and your family is to create that bandwidth, just a little bit of space to focus. Given the opportunity to focus on something, any one of us can do magic.”

– Sean Blackman, USNA ’07


This month, the Accelerator Member Spotlight goes to Sean Blackman (USNA ’07).

After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2007, Sean got a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech. He survived the rigors of flight school and spent ten years serving as an F/A-18 fighter pilot in California before serving as an instructor pilot on the East Coast where he built technology products for the U.S. Navy in his spare time. No sweat, right?! Sean finished his active duty military service in San Diego where he implemented some of the tools he built within the Force Readiness Analytics Group as Commander of Naval Air Forces Staff. But, that’s just the beginning! 

In 2019, Sean became a Data Analytics Manager at Facebook on the Anti-misinformation Operations team. I guess we can blame him for all the fake news! To the contrary, Sean’s awesome skills and experience made him an extremely valuable asset during an incredibly dynamic and challenging time for the media giant. Sean came out on top and launched his own company, which is currently developing the largest shared workspace for classified information for both commercial and government customers.

If that’s not impressive enough, Sean is also transforming his real estate side hustle into a long-term investment strategy. He joined the Real Estate Investing Accelerator course in June after a roommate from his Naval Academy days recommended it to him. He’s been gaining momentum ever since, putting in offers and exploring syndication deals he never thought possible. Sean enjoys being challenged by a group of like-minded individuals and values the opportunity to expand his thinking while growing his network and net-worth through the Real Estate Investing Accelerator course. He may think his real estate engine has just got running, but we can assure you it’s firing on all cylinders! Sean is an unstoppable force and an all-around great guy. We can’t wait to witness his amazing accomplishments. Furthermore, Sean believes the U.S. Naval Academy produces the best real estate investors. With that attitude, of course he’ll go far! 



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