Creating a Mobile App that Improves Employee Engagement with Rachael Jackson, USMA ’03

Feb 21, 2020 | USMA

Rachael Jackson is a West Point graduate with a degree in Physics and Nuclear Engineering, former Army Captain and Apache Attack Helicopter pilot. As an Army officer, she saw first-hand the importance of taking care of soldiers and their families. As CEO of TRIBAL, she has seen first-hand the power of story and the necessity for relationships to change hearts and drive action. Her life’s work is to connect people to a greater sense of meaning through stories, resources, and relationships.  TRIBAL is a relationship and community-building platform that helps leaders connect with, grow and inspire their people.

In this episode, Rachael and I discuss:

  • How her mobile app helps employees create conversations and build stronger relationships
  • How she brought her idea to market and got her first customers
  • Her best tips for overcoming fear when launching a new business

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Special thanks to Rachael for joining me this week.  Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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