Real Estate Accelerator Member Spotlight, March 2021

Apr 7, 2021 | Real Estate Accelerator

Halfway There! 


Class 21-1 of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator reached the halfway point! In month three, with three months to go, we focus on market analysis. The results are impressive!

First, we teach you how to examine the big picture: macro-market analysis. This involves learning how to identify the “macro-markers” of a specific city or region to determine whether or not it will provide long-term stability and growth. 

Next, we zoom in, teaching you how to conduct micro-market analysis. Using over a dozen criteria, this process identifies optimal areas within specific zip codes, helping you determine which areas yield the best deals.

We also talk about the markets we invest in, revealing how and why our team, systems and procedures prove successful time and time again…to the tune of 240+ deals!



Accelerator Member Spotlight:

Earl So



This month, the Accelerator Member Spotlight goes to Earl So. Earl was convinced to learn more about the Real Estate Investing Accelerator by his co-worker (and now, fellow Accelerator classmate), Rhys Hearn (USMA ‘11). After talking about how much they enjoyed watching the Army completely destroy the Midshipmen in football last season, their conversation turned to a shared interest in generating passive income from real estate and a desire to create generational wealth for their families.

 Earl nailed his market analysis this month! His home state of Ohio, specifically Akron and Columbus, formed the focus of his research while he simultaneously worked on an investment deal for a property in Memphis, Tennessee. Did we mention he accomplished all this while being deployed? Now, that’s impressive!

The Real Estate Investing Accelerator is giving Earl the opportunity to learn, plan, and build the real estate portfolio he needs to achieve his dreams in the next few years and he’s crushing it. We’re so proud of his action-oriented mindset. Keep it up, Earl!




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