January Class 21-1 Off to the Races!


Our latest Real Estate Investing Accelerator kicked off in January with 36 hand-selected members. This is the largest class we’ve ever had! Eager to jump-start their paths to Financial Freedom, Class 21-1 blasted out of the gate and hit the ground running while sinking their teeth into some meaty modules. Stand by and get ready to hear about some AMAZING accomplishments over the next few months!

The first month of the Accelerator was all about drawing Financial Freedom Blueprints. This required members to dig deep, explore their motivations and find honest answers to some tough questions. Several members remarked how the first two modules alone had life-changing impacts on their views of the future. Empowering realizations like this tend to happen when one takes time to courageously ask not just, “what am I doing with my life?” but, more importantly, “WHY?


Accelerator Members Spotlight:

Meet Team Red Mustangs


Members: Josh Emison, Guy Harris, Dominic Isgro, Ryan Moore, Dennis Muller, Neal Paulus, Tony Sindoni & Aryelle Emison

In January, Accelerator Class 21-1 was split into five teams…all furiously battled for bragging rights at the top of the heap when it came to completing modules! Everyone rocked the homework and excelled at putting theory into practice. Despite fierce competition, this month’s official nod goes to Team Red Mustangs! Currently led by Josh Emison (USNA ‘14), its eight members are already busy submitting offers and creating new business entities, which is phenomenal considering the course only started a few weeks ago. Also on the team are Guy Harris (USMA ’83), Dominic Isgro (USMA ’05), Ryan Moore (USAFA ’06), Dennis Muller (USAFA ’05), Neal Paulus (USMA ’07), Tony Sindoni (USNA ’87), and Aryelle Emison.



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