Facilitating Personal Transformations with Mandy Barbee Lanier, USAFA ‘05

Oct 13, 2023 | USAFA

“If you can work at the foundation of the problem and understand the nature of the problem… then creating the resolution for the problem is actually really simple.” –Mandy Barbee Lanier, USAFA ‘05

Mandy Barbee Lanier is the Founder and CEO of Palladium Mind, a business through which she facilitates measurable, high-value, personal transformations for her clients. An expert in transformation work, Mandy has led a $39 million P&L at a Fortune 500 Aerospace company, as well as teams, operations, and strategic initiatives in four different commercial industries, the US State Dept, and the US military to achieve shared goals. Mandy earned her M.A. in Economics from Old Dominion University and is a  Distinguished Graduate of the United States Air Force Academy.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Mandy’s struggles with anxiety and depression and how that led to her starting Palladium Mind
  • How Mandy successfully built up her client base for her business
  • What Mandy does to help people figure out the source of their problems or pain
  • The inverted pyramid that defines Palladium Mind’s work, which includes information searching, healing services, coaching, and transformation work
  • An example of how Mandy helped a client transform his beliefs by leveraging imagery and the unconscious
  • Mandy’s book, The Enjoyment Gap, that will be released in January 2024

Mandy shares how, in her purpose-based business, she helps people break patterns and reclaim inner control by tapping into the unconscious. She uses the language of the unconscious and leverages certain techniques to access the state where her client’s problems reside. From there, transformation and healing can occur. We learned so much from Mandy about the power of root cause resolution and the impact she has had on the lives of others. Thank you for the important work you do, Mandy!

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Special thanks to Mandy for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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