“For the last 20 years, I’ve either consulted or been a COO in small to medium-sized businesses so I know the specific pain that these ‘tweener’ companies have…my military experience really set the foundation…I want to bring those military values to my COO consultancy. My company values are military values without being militaristic. The deep values are the things that really matter in the long run.”
– Kirk Alexander (USAFA ‘89)

Kirk Alexander is an Air Force veteran with over 20 years of experience as an operations executive in the information technology, health tech, SaaS, medical practice, and medical device industry. In 2004, Kirk founded Methodize.us where he uses his expertise to provide fractional COO services that help small and medium-sized companies take their businesses to the next level. In this episode, Kirk shares the methods, tools and resources he uses to help companies scale well into the future and why integrity-based values are his driving force.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why Kirk decided to become a fractional COO
  • How Kirk helped a surgeon’s practice increase its revenue by 300%  in just three years
  • Lessons learned from the successful sale of a private dental practice
  • Why setting measurable goals is essential to growing a business
  • How Kirk’s training at the Air Force Academy set him up for success as an entrepreneur

Kirk also shares how personality and strengths tests have helped guide his career and why an experienced fractional COO can transform a company in a very short period of time. We loved hearing how Kirk has helped medical practices resolve common pain points including long telephone waiting times and learned a lot about different technologies and platforms that help optimize business performance. Kirk’s knowledge and operational experience add exceptional value to his clients, but it’s his genuine passion for what he does that makes knowing and working with him both motivating and inspiring.

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Special thanks to Kirk for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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