“The most important thing that I can do in the next three to five years is… help as many people as I can develop wealth.” –Keegan Wetzel, USNA ‘13

Keegan Wetzel is a real estate agent and mortgage broker with a passion for helping his clients develop their net worth. Keegan earned a B.S. in Control Systems Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and has eight combined years of experience leading cross-functional teams in a high-tempo environment of military operations and logistics, and hunting net-new logos to build B2B SaaS ARR. While succeeding in his sales career, Keegan began to learn more about real estate investment and how it can help in achieving financial goals. He recently made the jump to work in real estate full-time and is currently building and training his team of agents.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Keegan’s transition out of the military into sales and his more recent transition to do real estate full-time
  • His goals for the next 90 days as he enters his new endeavor
  • How Keegan found his purpose of helping others achieve net worth
  • Where Keegan sees himself in five years

Keegan shares his tangible goal for the next five years: Create 100 multimillionaires through real estate. He is passionate about communicating the strategies he has learned to develop net worth and looks forward to using them to help others achieve their financial goals. We enjoyed hearing about Keegan’s journey and congratulate him on entering this exciting new phase in real estate!

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Special thanks to Keegan for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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