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After the tumultuous events of 2020, a new year has finally begun and we’re all ready to leave the pandemic behind us. While it’s true the “unprecedented” chaos and stress we experienced hasn’t magically disappeared, the fact is this year brings us all increasing reason for hope and optimism.

In January, thirty-six people signed up for our Real Estate Accelerator program – this is largest class we’ve ever had and we’re already celebrating their amazing achievements. They realized a new start takes a plan, support, a good deal of hard work, and making the right investments of time, money, and energy. They’re beginning 2021 with newfound strength and financial security. We believe you can too!

A lot can happen in six months. If you join the Real Estate Investing Accelerator now, you start building the path to a completely different life by next year. By January 2022, you’ll have

  • The knowledge and network to write your own future in real estate.
  • A proven support team and a group of peers to fall back on. 
  • The skills to successfully replicate real estate investments to consistently multiply your returns. 
  • A wealth strategy that will allow you to focus on what is most important to you—and outlast whatever challenges are still to come. 

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

The Real Estate Investing Accelerator is popular for a reason—because it works!

As part of our SABM community, you are invited to learn more about the course and reserve one of the remaining spots.

Register to attend our Discovery Webinar!

Saturday, March 27th at 7:00am PST (10:00am EST)

 This one-hour live call is a way for Academy grads to learn more about real estate investing, hear powerful success stories from others who have taken the course, and get straight answers from Buddy and Accelerator alumni.

How It Works


For a lot of savvy Academy grads, the “right” investment is in real estate. The Real Estate Investing Accelerator is a six-month course designed by Buddy Rushing (USNA ‘04) to help motivated Academy grads achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

The upcoming Real Estate Accelerator in June builds on previous content with exciting new additions, including:

  • Navigating today’s historically low interest rates to your advantage
  • Creating a pandemic-resistant portfolio of investments
  • Access to cutting-edge Tax and Legal Strategies taught by best-selling author Mark Kohler.

As the CEO of White Feather Investments, Buddy and his network have purchased 230+ rental properties, added $30MM+ worth of real estate to their collective portfolios, and established $301,000+ in monthly rental income—in the past four years alone. 

Over the years, he’s developed the network, experience, and knowledge to help Academy grads and military veterans shorten the path to financial freedom and real estate success. You can see why this course has consistently been very popular at SABM. People consistently register for the program several months in advance.

Class size is limited to ensure productivity and personal attention. Not everybody who applies gets in.  

We have already accepted 10 applications for June 2021!


Join Us Today!


The real magic happens when the course launches in June, but the webinar on Saturday, March 27th is a great way to get your feet wet, your questions answered, and your spot secured (if you’re ready).

One thing is for certain, you won’t know if this is the opportunity for you if you don’t learn more about it.

 And speaking as one Academy grad to another, you owe it to yourself. It’s free. There’s absolutely no obligation to sign up for the course. And it’s probably your last chance to get in the door before this class fills up.

What are you waiting for? REGISTER NOW!

Join us on Saturday, March 27th at 10am (EST)


What the SABM Community is Saying…

This is what real estate success looks like!


These are the alumni from our most recent 2020-2 class—all from different backgrounds, industries, and parts of the country.

But most had a few things in common: 

  • They were busy with their families and jobs.
  • They weren’t experts in real estate when they first signed up.
  • They had a burning desire to create financial freedom for themselves and their families

Sound familiar? Here’s something else—they all wondered if they could pull it off. 

 Spoiler alert. They did. They have. They are.

Over the last six months, here is what they accomplished:

  • 39+ deals completed
  • 122+ offers made
  • $200k+ saved utilizing tax, investment and financing strategies
  • 25+ entities created for legal protection and tax mitigation

All because they attended a webinar like the one we’re hosting on March 27th—and then decided they weren’t going to wait another six months for a chance at creating the stability and the future they and their families deserve.

And this is just a small snippet of the real results people just like you have achieved through his program. If those numbers don’t speak to you, their testimonials will:

 “A huge thanks to the Team at White Feather Investments, we just completed our first multi-family rental closing and everything went really well. White Feather made this first big leap into investing feel more like a simple step. I’m excited to begin my real estate journey with White Feather and honored to have their support along the way!”  Tim O’Donnell, 19-1 Graduate/USNA ’03

 “Six months ago, Buddy challenged us with our WHY. WHY are we doing the Accelerator?  WHY are we doing the things we do?  Every single lesson over six months he challenged us to be our best. Follow our dreams. Build our future… My family is excited about our future again. WFI sparked new dreams. I personally am excited about the new opportunities that I didn’t know existed 6 months ago.”  Robert Haines, 18-2 Graduate/USAFA ‘90 

 “I hated real estate and I feared the details until working with WFI.  WFI and their network of associated experts made the process straightforward and common sense. It was a great education and a great start to developing a real estate investment portfolio.”  -Alec Carrier, USMA ’14

 Academy grads and military vets know better than most how to navigate the unknown. 

We also know that every crisis offers an opportunity, if you know where to look. 

 Our members leaned in and learned how.

 First, they signed up for the discovery webinar, and liked what they heard.

 Then they tackled every module in the course, developing a network and resources along the way.

 They closed on their first investment. And then their second. And then their third.

 They didn’t wait for next year or the market to shift to create a life-changing opportunity. 

 They started HERE.

The opportunity to join the Accelerator is available every six months, but today’s prime markets won’t wait. This could be your chance to make 2021 the year you found financial freedom and true independence. If you’re going to count down to a date that could change your life, sign up now and count down to our Discovery Webinar on Saturday, March 27th. If any event has been proven to change lives, it’s this one. 


We can’t wait to welcome you!


Join us today!

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