Real Estate Accelerator Member Spotlight, May 2021

May 12, 2021 | Real Estate Accelerator, USMA, USNA

The numbers don’t lie!


We’re into month four of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator! In this month of the program, we dive deep into the numbers associated with calculating returns on the actual properties we invest in. Split into two modules, we utilize the White Feather Investments Cash Flow Analysis templates (shown below) to give a detailed breakdown of the fixed and variable costs of owning a rental property. The shocking truth is most people who “invest” don’t fully understand the compounding effects of amortization and rental income over time. Once you see it laid out in front of you, your heart starts racing and you kick yourself for waiting this long to get in the game!


White Feather Investments Cash Flow Analysis


Accelerator Member Spotlight:

John Landherr


This month, the Accelerator Member Spotlight goes to John Landherr.

John (USNA ’92) and his wife Allison (daughter of USMA ’69) were introduced by John’s USNA roommate while he was stationed in Kaneohe, Hawaii flying CH-53s in the USMC.

Less than a year later, John and Allison were married and living on the beach in Lanikai…until John suggested they PCS to the USMC garden spot, Yuma, AZ to instruct at MAWTS-1. Allison agreed, they made it through, and together they went on to Texas A&M for graduate school. Eventually, they ended up in Allison’s home state of California, close to family.

John has run several companies in Southern California and he is currently the Chairman and CEO of a transportation company. Allison is a home health physical therapist. Their real estate experience was limited until they joined Real Estate Accelerator Class 21-1, which led them to build new relationships make some exciting real estate investments.



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