Real Estate Accelerator Member Spotlight – Jessica and KC Finnegan, USMA ’01

May 8, 2019 | Real Estate Accelerator, USMA

What is This “Cash Flow Analysis” You Speak Of?

Month Four of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator is where we dove deep into the NUMBERS associated with calculating returns on the actual properties we invest in.  Split into two modules, we utilized the WFI Cash Flow Analysis templates (shown below) to break out in detail the fixed and variable costs of owning a rental property. The shocking truth is that most people who “invest” don’t even fully understand the compounding effects of amortization and rental income over time, but once you see it laid out in front of you your heart starts racing and you kick yourself for waiting this long to get in the game!!

During these modules we went over the associated COSTS of owning RE (vacancy loss, maintenance, capital expenditures, property management, & more) versus the BENEFITS  (Amortization, Cashflow, Tax Benefits, Appreciation, etc) as we discuss why and how a property would be considered a great investment.  Also, WFI may or may not have some of these high return (30+% ROI!!!) rental properties as inventory for our Accelerator Attendees to add within their respective portfolios…but we can’t talk about Fight Club outside of Fight Club so the specifics of the deals are only for Accelerator Attendees’ eyes..  

Next month, we will FINALLY get the chance to meet with and learn from Mark Kohler, best-selling author, national speaker, radio show host, real estate investor, senior partner in a law firm…you get the picture.  In short, Mark is a personal and small business tax and legal legend who LOVES working with WFI, and has taken the time out of his busy schedule to meet with us and offer world class advice that has saved tens of thousands of dollars for our Accelerator attendees in the past. Armed with a host of new lessons from the recently passed tax legislature, Mark is bringing cutting edge strategies with him that he promises will revolutionize the way we file our taxes and structure our lives!


WFI Cash Flow Analysis

As of this email more than a THIRD of the seats have already been filled for the upcoming Real Estate Investing Accelerator (19-2) this June. We get emails all the time from people who want a seat reserved so I just want to give everyone a fair shot: There are only 30 seats in this course, 11 are gone, and about a dozen more people have filled out applications. I want to be very clear on what we are looking for, it’s not warm bodies…it’s highly motivated ACTION TAKERS who will chew up the course material and go out into the market and do deals, because that’s what moves the needle in your life. I’ll say it over and over, I would rather have 10 meat-eating, hungry alphas than 50 casual students that are just going to watch the videos and then make excuses. So if this course sounds like exactly what you’ve been waiting for, then get in the ring, because the worst tragedy will be looking back in six months (or 10 years!)  wishing you’d taken action instead of just talking about your dreams.

Give the SABM Group PodCast on REI Accelerator 19-1 Success Stories a listen and contact WFI’s Operations Manager, Greg Namrow (link below) if you would like to learn more about how you can join us this June:


Accelerator Members in the Spotlight 

REI Accelerator (19-1) Members, Jessica and KC Finnegan

Our Accelerator Members in the Spotlight for the month of April are Jessica and KC Finnegan!

Jess and KC Finnegan met at West Point (class 2001), where they both participated in athletics, KC played hockey and Jess played lacrosse.  Following graduation, both Jess and KC were eager to serve. Jess going directly into the Aviation Branch as a OH-58D Kiowa Warrior pilot (after flight school).  KC started as an Infantry Officer and then moved into the Special Forces Branch shortly after. They both executed multiple combat deployments from 2002-2009.

They transitioned from the service in 2010 in order to grow their civilian career and raise three young children.  Over the last decade they have lived in the United Arab Emirates, working as private contractors. Jess is the Director of Human Resources for the Joint Aviation Command and KC is the Commander’s Senior Advisor to the Presidential Special Guard Training Institute.

KC and Jess have always had a passion for real estate starting in 2002 with the purchase of her first home. They are some of the most action-taking investors in the entire course, selling one property through a 1031 Exchange, buying a Short Term Rental, a primary home, a fourplex investment property in Tennessee, and an 8-plex apartment building in Arkansas, not to mention a single family rental in Georgia just for fun. After the course KC and Jess are planning to transition right into the WFI Mastermind and continue taking over the world!

REI Accelerator Mastermind

Following the completion of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator, qualified graduates are afforded the opportunity to apply and gain access to the WFI Mastermind.

Built in response to Accelerator grads wanting to have an accountability structure to drive them towards their goals, this group meets bi-weekly to ensure lessons learned from the course are taken and put into action! Focused on education, setting and executing goals, and holding ourselves and each other accountable for our stated goals, this group has quickly become one of WFI’s most promising outlets for driving our WFI members toward lives of Financial Freedom.  

Most recently, our Mastermind Members met to discuss business opportunities and the enhancing of their portfolios, which included too many initiatives to discuss here, but one example of the action they are taking comes from our most seasoned member in the group, Eric Gardner (USNA ‘85). Eric reported that he’d recently closed on his first WFI deal by self-directing his Roth IRA into a single family home in Memphis, Tennessee. Congratulations to Eric and his continued success!

The next Accelerator starts in June!  If you would like to learn more, please complete this form and we will respond promptly.

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