Service Academy Business Mastermind

The most simple, efficient and innovative way for Service Academy graduates to learn, grow and connect.

Earning Passive Income through Real Estate with Buddy Rushing, USNA ‘04

Building a Private Equity Company with Bill Militello, USNA ‘92

Finding Your Dream Job with Career Coach Tom Kent, USMA ’95

Buying & Selling a Business with a Business Broker with Melissa & Lewis Baker, USMA ’91

Real Estate Accelerator Success Story with Erin Helle, USMA ’09

Buying Real Estate in Opportunity Zones with Lane Beene, USAFA ’91

Earning Passive Income through Real Estate with Buddy Rushing, USNA ‘04

Building a Private Equity Company with Bill Militello, USNA ‘92

Finding Your Dream Job with Career Coach Tom Kent, USMA ’95

Buying & Selling a Business with a Business Broker with Melissa & Lewis Baker, USMA ’91

Real Estate Accelerator Success Story with Erin Helle, USMA ’09

Buying Real Estate in Opportunity Zones with Lane Beene, USAFA ’91


The Service Academy Business Mastermind (SABM) is filled with Service Academy graduates on an entrepreneurial-, career- and business-building adventure.

We are a community of Academy grads who create exponential value for each other through new learning, collaboration and connections.

Where to Start

Listen to the Podcast!

Our podcast features entrepreneurial success stories from the Service Academy community.  Listen, learn, and take action!

Attend a Meetup!

This is the most simple, efficient, and innovative way for Service Academy grads to connect.  It's a great way to get more customers, referrals, and connections!

Join the Investor Group!

Join the group to discover private investment opportunities and share your deals with the community. This is a great opportunity to invest with people you trust.

Join the Accelerator!

The Real Estate Accelerator is a world-class program for Service Academy graduates wanting to build generational wealth. 

Why it Works


You’ll be part of a community of Service Academy graduates excited about growth.

The quality of experience and knowledge will be of the highest standard since we are all Service Academy grads!


Collaboration with people you trust.

You may find that someone in the community is a perfect fit to work on a project with you. Or, you may be the perfect person to help another member as well. The community works together collaboratively, to achieve more together.



When you join the community, you will most likely find ways to utilize cross promotion to help each other through promoting to your respective networks.


You will get your ideas to market FAST.

Working with a group of high-achievers and having an entire community behind you will accelerate your business success.



By joining the community, that feeling of “being alone” while running your business is eliminated. The other members of the group turn into business advisors and vice versa.


New learning.

Everyone in the community has unique skills, experience and connections. By interacting and sharing your challenges, it’s almost certain that someone will have a solution for you and you may also be able to offer a solution to help someone else.


You will think bigger.

Being in the community will expand your thinking. You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.

The Power of SABM Behind You!

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Meetup Attendees

Accredited Investor Group Members

Accelerator Members & Graduates

Bad-Ass Community


Nancy Preston, USMA ‘02

Not all business masterminds are built the same. SABM has been the most beneficial academy network and business mastermind I have found yet. SABM members have the breadth and depth of entrepreneurial experiences that can provide advice and tools that are actually actionable, which is a differentiator from other business masterminds in which I participate.

Laura Renner, USAFA ’01

When I first learned of SABM, it was a no brainer to join, such a great idea! The online Meetups are well run and a great opportunity to meet and learn from other like-minded business owners. Love the podcast and looking forward to getting involved in an Accelerator. SABM has already helped me to take my business to the next level and I’m looking forward to growing it even more.

Gardea Yefehmu Jomas Christian, USNA 2009

SABM is a great opportunity to connect and network with like minded individuals. It was a pleasure to meet with other service academy graduates across different generations and service eras. The Accelerators are great as well as the Meetups.I have grown and matured from a business standpoint as well as a personal standpoint because of SABM. I look forward to utilizing the opportunities offered at SABM.

Mike Brumagin, USMA ’89

We run a real estate fund called Battle Monument Partners focused on buying single-tenant, commercial real estate.  We target academy grads as our investors and were struggling a bit to get connected to grads from the other service academies.  SABM has been an excellent networking forum for us to do exactly that, connect to grads from all the academies. Since we began our participation, we have been able to obtain new investors from both the USNA & USAFA, in addition to connecting even further within the USMA network.  Truly an excellent forum for grads to network with other grads across the spectrum of academies.

Robert M. Pecha, former USAFA ’01

I discovered SABM for the first time a little more than a month ago.   I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and willing everyone was to help engage in conversation and collaborate on business-building ideas.  It takes a different breed to be Academy material in the first place and that shines through on the calls. What you have created here Scott is groundbreaking and I am honored to be a part of this rapid momentum!!

Kirk Kinder, USCGA ’94

My business is transforming itself thanks to SABM. Not only am I getting tons of excellent coaching, but the interaction with other Academy graduate business owners is priceless.

Ginnie Guiton, USMA ’85

Scott’s coaching program was a life changing experience. Scott is a tremendous coach with an ability to lead and mentor in a positive, enlightening way. I discovered more about myself through the process and this directly helped to pave my way forward. I am forever grateful for his help.

Ryan Cook, USCGA ’94

We Academy grads are a different breed… all high achievers. We were all top athletes, civic volunteers, and scholars. We’re competitive and love to lead. Scott can use his skills with the Gallup StrengthsFinder to put an amazing Mastermind group together. I’ve been participating with one of Scott’s groups for a few months and the group has helped me move forward on several projects both within and outside of my core business.

Willie Gury, USNA ’01

Getting entrepreneurial endeavors off the ground can be frustrating filled with more failure than success in the beginning. It has been great to talk through issues/challenges with other individuals involved in the same process. I’ve learned a lot from the other group members. What I really enjoy is that each individual in the group has a very different background and I get to hear the perspective from different points of view that I wouldn’t get in my normal group of contacts. The accountability piece at the end of each call when we set our 30 day goals is extremely helpful – it gives me clear concise short term goals to achieve before the next call and holds me accountable to the other group members. I look forward to each monthly call to both learn from and provide value to the other group members. The knowledge that I gain helps me tremendously.

Brian Olivier, USNA ’02

Scott’s Mastermind group has helped me in several ways. Pursuing the entrepreneurial path can seem very lonely at times, and it’s easy to get off track, and lose momentum. Having a support group of like-minded entrepreneurs to help hold me accountable on our monthly calls, as well as provide advice, contacts, and resources I never knew existed, has been huge. The Mastermind group has provided me contacts to help design my logo, put me in contact with manufacturers, design a website, and given business perspective. It has also provided me with a diverse group of connections outside of my day to day life, which is helping me build my brand and get my product to market.

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