“The problem that we’re solving here is that 65% of investors don’t have a solid grasp of how their portfolios are performing… I find that to be unacceptable.” -Greg Namrow, Marine Corps Veteran

Greg Namrow is the Founder & CEO of TRACTIC, a real estate asset management platform enabling owners, investors, and landlords to assess the real-time performance of their portfolios. He is a passionate and dedicated founder and entrepreneur with a proven track record in launching and scaling successful startups in business, real estate investing, and PropTech. Greg served as an Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps, earned his MBA from American University, Kogod School of Business, and his MA in Leadership & Education Studies from the University of San Diego.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Greg’s strengths helped him in building his property technology platform, TRACTIC
  • The inspiration for TRACTIC based on Greg’s personal experiences with real estate
  • What TRACTIC does and the platform’s ideal user
  • Greg’s favorite features and how they help investors
  • The challenges Greg is facing and his short-term and long-term goals

Connect with Greg:

Greg shares three things that make TRACTIC unique: the dynamic accountability and efficiency settings, the reduced workload it provides for users, and its ability to help investors make data-driven decisions to improve their portfolio performance. Whether you are an investor who just purchased your first property or you have owned multiple properties for many years, TRACTIC’s dynamic capabilities can help you analyze the performance of your real estate portfolio in real-time. It’s great to see Greg excel with his PropTech platform and we wish him success as TRACTIC continues to grow!

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Special thanks to Greg for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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