E-Commerce Sales Accelerator

(1-on-1 Coaching)


Emmanuel Eleyae

Founder, Eleyae Systems

USMA ’04


Emmanuel Eleyae, USMA ‘04

Who it’s for:

The E-Commerce Sales Accelerator is for Academy grads who are ready to scale their business from 6-Figures to 7-Figures or 7-Figures to 8-Figures profitably!  This is a 1-on-1 coaching course offering individualized support for your e-commerce business.



  1. Assess your business across the four E-Commerce critical success factors.
  2. Identify and plug gaps in your business that are hindering growth.
  3. Double your profitability in three months or less, decrease/maximize your time invested in your business, and get more time to enjoy life outside of your business while it runs on auto-pilot.

Minimum Requirement:

You must have an online store that is generating consistent sales.  I will help you scale your business to 7-Figures+.


1-on-1 Coaching

Topics we’ll cover:


The anatomy and infrastructure of a 7-8 figure e-commerce business using the 4 critical success factors.


Business audit revealing what roadblocks are hindering you from scaling your business and specific exercises to remove those roadblocks and unlock your growth.


Step-by-step process for setting up your own content creation machine to effortlessly generate months worth of blog posts, video ads, social media posts and more, using other people’s time and equipment.


Tried and true email automation strategies that can be implemented in just hours to maximize return on investment from each customer you convert and improve your conversion rates dramatically.


Step-by-step influencer marketing templates to get an army of spokespeople for your company and increase your social proof.


Struggling with your shipping and fulfillment? We’ll dissect your processes using the same systems and techniques used by Amazon fulfillment warehouses and give you actionable steps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operation.


Don’t feel like doing your own shipping/fulfillment? We’ll provide you with a list of third party logistics provider’s we’ve vetted and personally used to help you outsource these operations so you can focus on other things in your business.


Customer service got ya down? We have templates, scripts, and systems that we have used in our businesses that you can immediately take and use in your business to save you time and energy responding to customer service issues. We’ve also found that using these templates, you can onboard a customer service agent in just days, not weeks and we’ll also show you how to find trustworthy and competent agents. Imagine what life would be like not having to deal with customer service issues!


Is your store optimized for conversions? We’ll go through your store and make sure you have the right lead capture, apps, analytics tools, and software installed to make sure your store is converting more of your site visitors to customers and improving your average order values so you need to do less marketing to make more money!


Analytics and reporting - we’ll show you how to setup your daily, weekly, and monthly metrics to make sure you have the right management and financial information at your fingertips to step away from your business and still know that everything is running smoothly. Instead of being in it 24/7, manage your business from a laptop anywhere in the world!


Team building/hiring - we’ll give you actual templates and hiring job descriptions to make sure you can find and hire qualified talented help and onboard them quickly. You have tasks in your business that are draining you, hire the help you need to get these tasks off your plate so you can focus on the higher level actives that will grow your business.

E-Commerce Sales Accelerator – $495/month

The E-Commerce Sales Accelerator is for Academy grads who are ready to scale their business from 6-Figures to 7-Figures or 7-Figures to 8-Figures profitably! If you are struggling to grow your e-commerce business and learning from the “school of hard knocks” and are ready to learn from someone else’s proven successes instead, this group is for you! The majority of your time as a business owner is spent “figuring” out what to do next.  Then you try it and then try something else when that doesn’t work. It almost feels like you’re a hamster on a wheel. Join our mastermind to get tried and true proven solutions to the majority of the problems most e-commerce business owners face scaling their business past 7-Figures and get off the hamster wheel!

What you get:


(2) 60-minute 1-on-1 coaching calls per month at a time this is convenient for you


1-on-1 initial on-boarding call to do your audit and make sure we have an understanding of where your largest roadblocks are and determine how you can get the most from the course.


Free access to Shopify QuickStart Template – a step by step guide to getting your shopify store up and running in one day!


Free access to Customer Service SOP template – just switch out your company name in the various responses, hand it to your VA and you’ve quickly outsourced customer service!


Free access to our Klaviyo Email Marketing Getting started guide – setup the software and autoresponders you need to quickly have a robust email marketing program.

My success is tied directly to your success. If you complete the audit, implement the systems, and don’t see the results in your bottom line profitability, just let me know and I’ll immediately return your investment in this training.

“I met Emmanuel at an SABM meetup.  I was impressed by his experience in e-commerce so I reached out to him for advice on my online store where I sell StrengthsFinder products.  At the time, I was doing a few thousand a month in sales and wasn’t sure if I could grow beyond that.  He spent an hour with me on the phone, analyzed my metrics, and told me exactly what to do next.  What was the result?  Within three months my sales doubled.  Emmanuel is the real deal and I am excited to have him as our E-Commerce coach. I am signed up for his Accelerator!” -Scott Mackes, StrengthsMugs.com & SABM Group

“Emmanuel positions himself as a partner of your business, not just a consultant. He not only cares about your business/success, he’s been there before. He’s a successful entrepreneur that has already been in the trenches, made the mistakes & built multiple businesses from the ground up. I’m just grateful I had somebody to help guide me through the fire of running a new business. Thanks again Emmanuel. I truly appreciate it.”  -Ricky B., spaceskincare.com

“Emmanuel is an absolute pleasure to work with. His eCommerce knowledge runs extremely deep from many years of practical hands on experience in the online trenches. I’ve been very impressed by Emmanuel’s ability to think outside the box and for his personable coaching skills. He has a knack for introducing me to new toolsets and ideas that have an immediate and net positive impact on my bottom line. I can’t tell you how many valuable ideas I’ve gleaned from this guy…. Don’t pass up an opportunity to work with him! Thanks, Emmanuel!”  -Mason Austin Green (USNA ’01), Greenchild LLC

“It was the holiday season and our online store was growing at a blinding rate. We went from shipping 50 packages per day, to 500 packages per day, and as high as 5000 packages on Black Friday. But behind-the-scenes things were falling apart. We couldn’t keep up. Everything seemed to be breaking at once. Then we called Emmanuel.  Emmanuel helped my team execute and get our processes streamlined. We were able to cross our $10mil goal without the whole place crumbling. On top of that, Emmanuel streamlined our operations and created a lean process where we will save more than $250k in fulfillment operations without compromising our top line revenue. So now, we have lower costs, a $10mil/yr company, more profit, and an operation that is so smooth I don’t even have to go into the office. That is not something I could say before hiring Emmanuel. I am so grateful.”  -Tom Sailors, Co-founder, Mermaid Pillow Co

“Emmanuel has brought our E-commerce sales up 20% in just a few months. He has dramatically changed the way we do business to make us a cash making machine. I don’t know if we would have done that without him. We’ve easily made more than 3x return on our investment in his coaching program. Truly recommend.” Jeff Evenson, USMA ’90

About Emmanuel Eleyae—Mentor

My professional and personal life experiences have allowed me to excel as an e-commerce entrepreneur.  Since a young age, I have always been a lifelong learner having studied business and computer science, formally in school and informally through my natural curiosity.

After graduating from West Point in 2004, I had the privilege of serving in the military where I conducted logistics operations while building teams and managing the flow of material and equipment, both nationally and internationally.  Following my military service, I worked at Amazon fulfillment managing distribution and inventory at a very high level.  I managed a 1.1 million square foot facility with 750 employees and shipped 1 million packages per week.  Working at Amazon was an intense experience.  It’s where I learned many of the operational systems that help me scale e-commerce and online businesses rapidly.

My experience at Amazon opened my eyes to what was possible for an e-commerce entrepreneur in today’s economy.  So I set out on my own and built an e-commerce business satinlinedcaps.com to 7-Figures.  In the last few years I’ve spent millions of dollars and gotten hardly any sleep – testing, trying, failing and learning what systems, tools, warehouses, and manufacturers are most useful to an e-commerce entrepreneur in their journey to 7-Figures.  After codifying my insights, methods and principles around distribution, technology, marketing, branding, and even family dynamics, I have advised multiple successful 6, 7, and 8 figure e-commerce companies that were acquired or built from scratch.

My passion for e-commerce is now to pass on my knowledge, skills, tools and mindset to you. My mission as a mentor and leader of the E-Commerce Sales Accelerator is to make you a more confident e-commerce entrepreneur who is ready to thrive in a competitive e-commerce environment.  My life goal is to help 100 people build million-dollar businesses.

Are you ready?

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