“I genuinely believe that this pathway was made for me and I had to meet the right people and take the right steps and have the right hardships and the right adversity to be the person I am now to write these songs that I’m putting out there…that’s what makes a song so good, capturing an emotion that’s real and raw. It’s a work of expression.”

– Chris Nurthen, USNA ’15

On a mission to build something together, Chris Nurthen and his wife Keri started a small food truck business in 2018 out of a pop-up tent in Virginia Beach during Chris’ tour in the Navy. Chris’ overly aggressive “engage everyone” customer approach and Keri’s counteract of genuine Southern hospitality drew in huge hungry crowds and Sweetnur’s “Home of the Iron Pie” became an instant success. Chris has since left the Navy and now lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his family where their successful food truck has become the launch pad for his career as a singer-songwriter.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What an iron pie is and why it launched Chris’ food truck business
  • How Chris used his family food truck to launch his music career
  • Why artistry and business sense are important to a successful music career
  • Key strategies for getting music into the marketplace
  • Why a military background gives Chris his competitive edge 

Chris also shares the challenges and triumphs of being an independent singer-songwriter and why his family and their story are essential to the success of his food truck business and budding music career. We enjoyed hearing why facilitating emotional connections is Chris’ favorite part about songwriting and admire the drive, ambition, goals, and values pushing his career forward. Chris brings a worthwhile and inspiring perspective to the music industry and we can’t wait to witness his continued success.

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Special thanks to Chris for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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