Overcoming Adversity and Empowering Others through Real Estate with Christian Gann, USAFA ‘15

Mar 14, 2022 | 10X Vets, Academy Fund, Real Estate Accelerator, USAFA

“It’s been, unlike anything I would have predicted. I thought I was going to learn some strategies and figure out how to buy land and make it pay for itself. And now I run three businesses and I’m actively doing stuff every day; it took off. And honestly, the videos on the course are not the most valuable thing in the class at all. It’s the people that you’re working with and talking with. It’s not by any means anything I would have found on my own.” – Christian Gann (USAFA ‘15)

We’re so excited to share Air Force veteran, Christian Gann’s real estate success story with you. In just two months, we watched Christian go from being a real estate amateur to a real estate professional taking down million dollar deals. Prior to joining the Real Estate Accelerator, Christian had little cash, little experience, and few contacts in the world of real estate. Now, he not only has three successful businesses, but he is also empowering those around him and inviting others, including his family members, to join him on the road to financial freedom while teaching us new things in the process. Christian’s creative and innovative investment strategies are not only creating cash flow, they are changing lives for the better.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Christian turned childhood adversity into opportunity 
  • Why mindset is key to success
  • What empowered Christian to start three profitable real estate businesses 
  • How Christian helped his mother achieve financial freedom and live her dream

We also discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated Christian’s interest in real estate and talk about the innovative strategies he’s developed that are now accessible to everyone. We also reflect on why it’s important to learn about real estate “hacks” sooner rather than later because of the positive impacts it can have not only on your own life, but on the lives of those you care about. Getting to know Christian has been both inspiring and educational and we hope his story inspires you to take action and be bold in chasing after your interests.

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