“We want to be the dominant player in professional education and usher in an entirely new era of professional education. We want to be the medical education platform for a mobile generation.”

– Christ West (USMA ‘88)

Chris West (USMA ‘88) is the Chief Operating Officer of ConveyMed, the number one app for Continuing Medical Education (CME) that aggregates content from leading medical education podcasts and partners to provide Continuing Education for medical professionals. Chris is a former executive in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry where he held several senior sales and marketing leadership roles. These roles included general management, medical education, strategic and in-line marketing, and senior sales leadership. Throughout his career, Chris has routinely collaborated with key opinion leaders and societies on physician education initiatives. 

 In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why podcasts are an effective and successful educational tool
  • What ConveyMed is doing to push the boundaries of podcast education
  • How ConveyMed creates, produces and monetizes podcast content
  • Why healthcare professionals are ConveyMed’s primary audience

Chris also shares some fascinating statistics on podcast listenters and who some of his content partners are. We enjoyed hearing how Chris and the ConveyMed team are working to optimize audience experience and learned a lot about different challenges in the mobile app industry. Chris also talks about the types of investors ConveyMed is seeking and how he wants to build out various content partnerships. We love what Chris is doing at ConveyMed and can’t wait to see how the company continues to grow!

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Special thanks to Chris for joining me this week. Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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