Navy Veteran Chris Tyll (USNA ‘01) on Becoming a Successful Real Estate Developer

Aug 6, 2021 | 10X Vets, USNA

“10X Vets is literally a multi-monthly source of motivation and encouragement. The network is so strong and so diverse…it’s a great chance to get together with like minded people. In a world that’s increasingly divided, 10X Vets has been refreshing! It’s a humbling and motivating experience and will take your business to the next level. The value you get out of it moves at the same rate as the effort that you put into it.”

– Chris Tyll (USNA ’01)


The Faces of Success


Service Academy Business Mastermind (SABM) Group is a business community for U.S. Service Academy graduates and military veterans. Our goal is to help you find the right strategy, the right team, the right network, and the right amount of capital to succeed. As fellow military veterans and entrepreneurs, we know you have the inner qualities it takes to succeed as a business owner, but we also know how difficult it can be to become one. 

This is why we built 10X Vets for you—so you can grow your business while working alongside fellow military veterans who share common attributes of intelligence, integrity and grit. Everything we do in 10X Vets is designed to help you increase your productivity and profitability and avoid the expensive mistakes, rabbit holes, and pitfalls that trip up most entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to connect more deeply with your peers at SABM Group, 10X Vets is for you! Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what 10X-ers are saying! We’re excited to share their success stories with you and introduce you to your fellow vets, the faces of success. 


Meet Chris Tyll



Chris Tyll grew up in rural Michigan and graduated from the Naval Academy prep school in Newport, Rhode Island in 1997. Following this, he attended the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating with a degree in Ocean Engineering in 2001. Chris served in the U.S. Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer and Fire Control Officer aboard the USS Valley Forge. He was later selected and transferred to Naval Special Warfare where he served in various assignments before becoming Detachment Commander for an East Coast-based U.S. Navy SEAL team.

His varied military background prepared Chris perfectly for his current role as the owner and founder of a successful collection of companies built across multiple industries. JRE Real Estate Development is the heart and soul of Chris’s business venture, driven by his long term passion and business strategy to generate wealth through real estate by owning and operating companies that require it. Chris’s motto is “people, property, process!” Great people? Check. Wonderful properties? Check. Now, Chris is all about developing and streamlining company processes, in collaboration with the awesome team he’s assembled, to achieve and sustain continued growth over the next three to five years. 

According to Chris, 10X Vets provides him with a “multi-monthly source of motivation and encouragement.” He loves riding the wave of business ownership with a group of like minded individuals and thrives on the friendly competition that exists between his fellow 10X-ers, all U.S. Service Academy grads and military vets. The big question on all our minds is which Service Academy produces the best business owners? Obviously, it’s Navy, but Chris also insists on the strengths of the other branches too. For instance, Army grads are good at knocking things down and Air Force grads are experts on all things leisure!

Joking aside, Chris values 10X Vets for its focus on business expansion and growth and he’s excited to take his business to the next level alongside other 10X-ers. We’re excited to see how JRE Real Estate Development continues to excel and we’re thankful for the incredible value Chris adds to our 10X Vets program. 

Are you a member of 10X Vets?

Here’s how it works.


10X Vets comprises five Circles and each serves a specific purpose in growing your business. 


Mindfulness Circle: 

The Mindfulness Circle is for 10X Vets members who want to optimize their performance by becoming fully present in their work and in their life. Increase your creativity, reduce your stress level, increase your attention span, and lower your anxiety alongside members who are interested in 10Xing their business and life through mindfulness.


Capital Circle:

This group is dedicated to entrepreneurs, real estate investors, investment fund managers and start-ups who raise capital as part of their business model. Here, you’ll focus on increasing your knowledge, network, and net-worth through connections and collaborations.  


Real Estate Development Circle:

Specifically designed for 10X Vets members in the real estate development and construction industry, this Circle targets individuals who want to establish themselves within their industry, grow their network, and collaborate on projects.  


Digital Marketing Circle:

A great fit for 10X Vets members who want to increase website traffic, improve website performance, and generate more business in the digital realm. Here, you’ll learn the best strategies from experts you can trust and proven best practices from your peers.


B2B Circle:

Grow your businesses through trusted group referrals in this Circle of business owners and high-caliber sales representatives whose clients include companies with 10-250 employees. Small business owners looking for service providers are also welcome to attend this Circle in order to find new vendors and partnerships. 


Each Circle within 10X Vets meets once a month for specific training and knowledge-sharing. The entire 10X Vets group, including all Circles, also meets once a month for cross-collaboration and networking. This proven format provides laser-focused support and expertise we all need without too much disruption to our busy schedules.

If you’re looking to connect more deeply with your peers at SABM Group, the question you need to ask isn’t if you should join 10x Vets, but how. We’re here to make that easy.  We have over 70 business owners in the program and space is limited in some of the Circles. Schedule a call with us today so we can learn about your goals and help you find the right fit within the network.

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