Real Estate Accelerator Member Spotlight – Carly DeCosta, USMA ’04

Aug 8, 2019 | Real Estate Accelerator, USMA

Hungry and Motivated New Members Join the Accelerator! 

After vetting over 100 applications, The Real Estate Investing Accelerator 19-2 began with 25 handpicked Attendees that came prepared to tackle the course and catapult themselves to the path of Financial Freedom!

Throughout month one, members build out their “Financial Freedom Blueprint” and go through a series of exercises designed to break out the most important single factor of their Financial Freedom journey: The reason WHY they want to achieve financial freedom!

We then break out into four separate teams, where team members are expected to hold each other accountable while working and learning from those within their group. However, in the spirit of competition, all four teams will be jockeying for the coveted title of Top Team and there can only be one! Did we purposely set teams so that Army would be facing Navy? Perhaps…

Since starting the 19-2 iteration of the REI Accelerator, we have already received several applications/registrations for the 20-1 course.  This course begins in January 2020.  Yes, you read that correctly! Fellow Academy Graduates are signing up 6 months in advance for our Accelerator.

To clarify, applying to the Accelerator does not guarantee a spot in the course. White Feather Investments is determined to only include motivated and action-biased people in the course. Every applicant must go through a screening process to receive an invitation. To begin your journey, please complete this online form.

Accelerator Member in the Spotlight 

REI Accelerator (19-2) Attendees, Carly & Jered DaCosta

Our Accelerator Member in the Spotlight for the month of July is Carly DaCosta.

Carly (USMA ‘04) and her husband Jered (USMA, ‘04) hail from the east coast beaches of Florida and South Carolina. They fell in love during their sophomore year at West Point through endless conversations among shouts of Plebe duties at the dinner table. Jered, a former Airborne Ranger, and Carly, a former wire-running SIGO, ventured into real estate through a single family home in Anchorage, Alaska and an investment duplex in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but that was just the tip of the iceberg…

In 2018, Carly left her cushy start-up job to take on a hairy fix and flip 6-unit apartment building syndication project in San Francisco, raising $1.1MM from friends and family (for their first major real estate deal!) In March 2019, Jered decided to join Carly in their Real Estate journey and they set their sights on the Jacksonville, FL market. Their strategy is to rehab uninhabitable buildings into 2+ units and turn them into unique, high quality short term rentals leveraging the Airbnb platform. They packed up shop, moved across the country, and absolutely plunged into action in their new market! They have already closed on 2 duplexes and have 2 more pending, all while juggling a family and crushing the workload of the current Accelerator!

Both Carly and Jered have been nothing short of amazing Real Estate Investing Accelerator members and our team at White Feather Investments could not be more excited to continue our work with them as they build out the Jacksonville, FL market!

Following the completion of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator, qualified graduates are afforded the opportunity to apply and gain access to the WFI Mastermind.

Built in response to Accelerator grads wanting to have an accountability structure to drive them towards their goals, this group meets bi-weekly to ensure lessons learned from the course are taken and put into action!

Focused on education, setting and executing goals, and holding ourselves and each other accountable for our stated goals, this group has quickly become one of WFI’s most promising outlets for driving our WFI members toward lives of Financial Freedom.

Most recently, our Mastermind Members have begun preparing for our first ever in-person meeting in Las Vegas this September!  During the meeting, Mastermind members will learn from Real Estate masters about market trends, financing contingencies, and how quickly Greg Namrow can lose money on the blackjack table. Our Mastermind Members will be asked to share their entrepreneurial problems while receiving vetted SOLUTIONS from our team during our all-day meeting on Saturday. We can’t wait to see you all in the fall!

If you would like to learn more about joining the next Accelerator class, please complete this form and we will respond quickly.

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