Entrepreneurial Career Opportunities for Military Veterans

The SABM Careers platform connects military veterans with business ownership opportunities and leadership opportunities at veteran-founded companies.  We know there are many vets who want to become highly successful business owners or work at a veteran led company.  That’s why we’ve built this platform—so that you can launch and scale your businesses alongside like-minded people who share the common traits of intelligence, integrity and grit.

The SABM Careers platform will help you:


Connect with leaders to work at your veteran-led company.


Promote your advisory services to help veterans buy a business.


Connect with a veteran to buy your business.


Connect with potential franchisees to join your franchise.


Learn about acquisition opportunities and connect with M&A specialists.


“We are delighted with the results we have achieved working with SABM Careers. The quality of people that reach out for consideration is very high and based on their backgrounds the work ethic and desire to succeed is extraordinary. We recently hired a world-class enterprise sales leader. He is a US Air Force veteran who not only is a fantastic salesperson, however also has made some exceptional introductions for us throughout his network. I highly recommend SABM Careers!”
Patricia Hume, CEO @ Canvas GFX

“The monthly SABM meetings have been really helpful, they’ve been great. I’ve reconnected with some of my old classmates from West Point and I’ve presented franchise opportunities several times. We’ve had two people sign up as a result. It’s a really great return on investment, personally enriching and a lot of fun.  SABM has been our best investment by far.”

Zach Peyton, Co-Founder @ Superior Fence & Rail Franchising

“SABM Group has helped my business grow a lot, everything from Scott giving me personal advice to having opportunities to speak at the monthly Investor Group meetings and Career Nights. A lot of the people I’m working with right now I met in those meetings. SABM Group has been a big help. Thanks for all you do!”

– Josh Emison, Tracer Franchising



Veterans who want to buy or sell a business


Veteran led companies who want to fill leadership positions


Search Funds


Mergers & Acquisitions Firms




Leaders who want to work at a Veteran-Founded Company


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