Big News for SABM in 2019!

Jan 12, 2019 | USMA, USNA

In this episode, I talk with Bill Watkins (USMA ’77) our Founder & CEO Accelerator Coach.  We discuss the explosive growth of SABM in 2018 and some of the exciting goals we have in 2019.

Bill is known as the “CEO Whisperer.” He speaks the language of high performance and accelerated results to CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs. Using tools gleaned and created from his own experience and the experience of others, Bill shows business owners how to get more—more money, more results, more happiness, more time, and more done—so they can add jet fuel to their business success and lead extraordinary lives at home at the same time.  He founded his coaching company, The Lion’s Pride, after selling his 8-figure business and deciding he wanted to help business owners avoid some of the mistakes that he made so they can achieve their goals much faster.  He is the Founder & CEO Accelerator coach at SABM.

We also discuss:

  • Bill’s live events and the possibility of a SABM summit in the future
  • Success stories from the Founder & CEO Accelerator
  • A brand-new course we are launching at SABM for start-up entrepreneurs (we want your feedback!)

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Special thanks to Bill for joining me this week.  Until next time!

-Scott Mackes, USNA ’01

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