10X Vets Member Spotlight: Beth Sutey, USMA ’07

Oct 27, 2021 | 10X Vets, USMA

10X Vets Member Spotlight


Member: Beth Sutey, USMA ’07

Company: Eligo Inc.

Beth Sutey is a United States Military Academy graduate, class of 2007. She served in the Transportation Corps and was assigned to the 14th Transportation Battalion in Vicenza, Italy. From there, she served in Afghanistan and Iraq before leaving active duty.

She then worked for Amazon.com in Transportation Execution. While in Seattle, WA, she joined the US Army Reserves in a Training Support Battalion. After working for Amazon, she held managerial positions at other companies of varying sizes and industries before mobilizing to FT Bliss with her Reserve unit. From there, she had an Active Duty Operational Support opportunity with the US Army Corps of Engineers in San Francisco, CA.

After over three years in operations and contracting with the Corps of Engineers, the video production company she owns with her husband grew to where she was needed there full-time as a producer.  Eligo (el-eh-go) Inc. is a full-service video production company with two branches Eligo Studios and Eligo Video, and focuses on commercial and corporate video content with an emphasis on digital marketing. Beth has an MBA from Arizona State University and is a current law student at Golden Gate University. 


Welcome, New Members!


Introducing new 10X Vets Members who joined in September:

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Upcoming Schedule


Tuesday, November 2nd: 10X Challenge

Learn the framework that leads to 10X growth. Each month we discuss a 10X Lever and how we can use it to grow exponentially.  The 7 Levers: Team, Technology, Platforms, Distribution, Capital, Systems and Word of Mouth Marketing.

Thursday, November 4th: B2B Circle

Grow your businesses through trusted group referrals in this group of business owners and high-caliber sales reps whose clients are companies with 10-250 employees.

Friday, November 5th: Digital Growth Circle

The Digital Growth Circle is for 10X Vets members who want to generate more business in the digital realm. Here, you’ll learn the best digital strategies, tactics and tools from experts and proven best practices from your peers.

Thursday, November 11th: Capital Circle

Increase your knowledge, network and net-worth in this unique group for entrepreneurs, real estate investors, investment fund managers and start-ups who raise capital as part of their business model.

Tuesday, November 16th: Government Contracting Circle – KICKOFF CALL!

The US federal government is the world’s largest single customer. There is no close second. With trillion-dollar budgets, whatever you’re good at doing or building, there is a high probability that the Federal Government is buying it in sufficient quantities to make you a very wealthy person. However, it gets even better. The US Federal Government’s Small Business Set Aside Program has a goal to award about one-fourth of its contracts to small and new businesses. Led by Randy Wimmer from the Government Contracting Academy, the 10X Vets Government Contracting Circle helps aspiring entrepreneurs find both business and financial success in the Federal Government contracting industry.

Wednesday, November 17th: Real Estate Development Circle

This meeting is for 10X Vets members in the real estate development and construction industry who want to grow their network, increase their knowledge and win more work.

Thursday, November 18th: Community Meeting

All members meet monthly for cross-industry networking and knowledge sharing.



10X Vets is for military veterans who want to grow their businesses to a new level.

As fellow military veterans and entrepreneurs, we know you have the inner qualities it takes to succeed as a business owner, but we also know how difficult it can be to become one. This is why we built 10X Vets for you—so you can grow your business while working alongside fellow military veterans who share common attributes of intelligence, integrity and grit.


What 10Xers Are Saying

“I love 10X Vets! The experience has been invaluable. The best part is networking and I have made more connections than I can count. I have, and will continue, to recommend 10X Vets to all military veterans I know.”

John Kirby,
Boat School Ventures

“More than anything 10X Vets has helped me to know that I am not alone. That is a powerful force alone. Moreover, I have learned techniques to help me work smarter and more effectively.

Pete Canalichio,
Author, Brand Strategist

“In a world that’s increasingly divided, 10X Vets has been refreshing. It’s a humbling and motivating experience and will take your business to the next level. The value you get out of it moves at the same rate as the effort that you put into it.”

Chris Tyll,
Real Estate Developer

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