Real Estate Accelerator Member Spotlight – Alicia (USAFA ’10) and Mark Powers (USNA ’06)

Oct 30, 2020 | Real Estate Accelerator, USAFA, USNA

Led by Buddy Rushing (USNA ‘04) and his team at White Feather Investments, the Real Estate Investing Accelerator is a high-powered course that distills ten years of real estate experience, network-building, and full-service support into six months.  Learn more here:

This Month’s Topic: Tax & Legal

During month five of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator, we provide our attendees with the knowledge and tools to minimize the amount they pay in taxes by creating favorable tax positions and aligning them with the right legal strategies to protect themselves from liability. Mark Kohler, a national speaker, author, and tax ninja, is not just the best in the business at optimizing tax and legal strategies, he’s also an investor himself and is committed to seeing our members achieve Financial Freedom.  His contributions to the Accelerator cannot be overstated!

Throughout every course, we collect feedback on each Module, and the Tax and Legal Module is always among the favorites. To put it simply, most people pay far more in taxes than needed. You probably do as well, and, if you are like most people, you don’t want to but you don’t know how to change it. The good news is that it’s not that hard to do.  The most powerful thing I can say is this: the average Accelerator member saves more money using these tax strategies than they paid for the course, effectively making it free to take. That’s a pretty awesome stat, especially since the impact can be far greater than that.  For example, there’s one Accelerator member right now who is set to save over $200,000 in taxes this year just from using strategies he learned in this course!

 Accelerator Member Spotlight

Alicia and Mark Powers

Alicia Powers (USAFA ’10) and her husband Mark (USNA ’06) joined the Real Estate Accelerator from Lucerne, Switzerland where they moved with their post-military careers in 2017.  In between rock climbing, skiing, skydiving, drinking wine, and eating gelato, they found a bit of time to do some real estate investing and came into the course with two single-family homes and a townhome in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Alicia, a former Airfield Operations Officer, and Mark, a former Marine Intelligence Officer, met in Boston at a Halloween party.  Mark had just finished business school and was working as a consultant and took the chance to move with Alicia to Switzerland for a job opportunity with her company less than a year later and they’ve never looked back!

After the first few days in the course and learning about Covid-depressed interest rates, they quickly moved to refinance one of the houses and immediately improved their monthly cash flow by over $250!  Now, they’re moving toward refinancing the townhome, jumping on a WFI property in Memphis, and after moving to San Diego for their new jobs, they used their VA loan to buy a Tri-Plex.

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