Launching the Real Estate Investing Accelerator Podcast with Buddy Rushing, USNA ’04

Feb 27, 2022 | Real Estate Accelerator

Getting Real About Real Estate


“If you’re not living your ideal life right now, the real question is what is holding you back? Nobody has all the answers, but when we come together, we can get pretty close to the center of the dartboard together…you have to ultimately take action in order to change anything in your life.”

– Buddy Rushing (USNA ‘04)


We are SO excited to announce the launch of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator podcast hosted by Buddy Rushing and Scott Mackes!

Buddy Rushing is the founder of White Feather Investments and the leader of the Real Estate Investing Accelerator, a six-month course for Service Academy graduates and military veterans who want to achieve financial freedom through real estate.

Over 200 people have graduated from the Real Estate Investing Accelerator since it began in 2018. To date, Real Estate Accelerator members have completed over 218 deals, acquired over $71M worth of real estate, and saved over $1M in taxes! The team has so much knowledge and hundreds of incredible stories to share. Buddy at the team at White Feather have so many awesome stories to share. It’s time to get real about real estate! We hope this podcast not only inspires you to turn your real estate dreams into reality, but proves to you that you can actually make it happen.

In this FIRST episode, we discuss:

  • Why we finally decided to launch a podcast about real estate investing
  • The real people behind the Real Estate Accelerator success stories
  • How you can achieve financial freedom through real estate 
  • What topics and strategies we plan to discuss

We also reflect on why this podcast is different from other real estate investing podcasts, how to identify what is holding you back, and why achieving financial freedom requires actioning practical steps. Buddy also shares why the Real Estate Investing Accelerator network is so powerful, how to overcome the fear of taking your first steps toward financial freedom, and why we want to introduce you to people who can help you achieve what you want to accomplish.

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The next Real Estate Investing Accelerator begins in June 2022. Learn more at the upcoming Discovery Webinar on Saturday, March 12th at 10am ET. Click here to register. 

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