10X Vets Member Spotlight: David Duncavage, USMA ’75

Jul 23, 2021 | 10X Vets, USMA

10X Vets Member Spotlight


Member: David Duncavage, USMA ’75

Company: MonkCoach

David is the Founder of MonkCoach and is focused on helping executives grow their businesses and personal lives based on his executive experience and decades of meditation practice within the corporate world.

Following his military service, David spent several years as a Trappist monk before moving to Japan as a consultant while continuing his studies. He returned to the US, received a master’s degree in theology from the Jesuit School of Theology, and pursued doctoral studies at Harvard as an affiliate scholar at the Center for the Study of World Religions. Following Harvard, David spent over 25 years developing disruptive technologies in the high-tech market. These include semiconductors, analytical software suites, high-temperature superconductivity, data center management, and IoT software and sensor systems.

David is also the leader of the 10X Vets Mindfulness Circle.


Welcome, New Members!


Introducing new 10X Vets Members who joined in June:

Caleb Staub, Future Montana Commercial Real Estate Operator

Mitch Harris, Merrill Lynch

Rodney McNabb, Evergreen Design Group, Inc.

Joe Turner, Exocetus Autonomous Systems

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Upcoming Schedule

Thursday, August 5th: B2B Circle


Grow your businesses through trusted group referrals in this group of business owners and high-caliber sales reps whose clients are companies with 10-250 employees.


Friday, August 6th: Digital Marketing Circle


The DMC is for 10X Vets members who want to increase website traffic, improve website performance and generate more leads.  Learn the best strategies from experts you can trust.


Tuesday, August 10th: Mindfulness Circle


The Mindfulness Circle is for 10X Vets members who want to optimize their performance by becoming fully present in their work and in their life. Increase your creativity, reduce your stress level, increase your attention span, and lower your anxiety alongside members who are interested in 10Xing their business and life through mindfulness.


Thursday, August 12th: Capital Circle


Increase your knowledge, network and net-worth in this unique group for entrepreneurs, real estate investors, investment fund managers and start-ups who raise capital as part of their business model.


Wednesday, August 18th: Real Estate Development Circle


This meeting is for 10X Vets members in the real estate development and construction industry who want to grow their network, increase their knowledge and win more work.



10X Vets is for military veterans who want to grow their businesses to a new level.

As fellow military veterans and entrepreneurs, we know you have the inner qualities it takes to succeed as a business owner, but we also know how difficult it can be to become one. This is why we built 10X Vets for you—so you can grow your business while working alongside fellow military veterans who share common attributes of intelligence, integrity and grit.

What 10Xers Are Saying

“I love 10X Vets! The experience has been invaluable. The best part is networking and I have made more connections than I can count. I have, and will continue, to recommend 10X Vets to all military veterans I know.”
John Kirby,
Boat School Ventures
“More than anything 10X Vets has helped me to know that I am not alone. That is a powerful force alone. Moreover, I have learned techniques to help me work smarter and more effectively.”
Pete Canalichio,
Author, Brand Strategist
“In a world that’s increasingly divided, 10X Vets has been refreshing. It’s a humbling and motivating experience and will take your business to the next level. The value you get out of it moves at the same rate as the effort that you put into it.”
Chris Tyll,
Real Estate Developer


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